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Welcome to TV World, a TCG dedicated to TV Shows whether they are animated, cartoons, live action, reality, whatever. We also allow for mini series and TV Movies! If there isn't a deck you'd like to collect but would like to join, feel free to email me and let me know a scene you'd like made so you can join and I'll do my best.


I know I was going to update last week and didn't. I know it's not like me and I'm sorry. I'll be completely honest. I'm going through a lot --- I've upped a med (doubled the dosage) so I've felt like a zombie and then recently my mother, well she told me that if I wasn't around she'd kill herself she hates her life that much. So yeah, to say my life is kinda... fucked up right now? Yeah. So, in the next day or two I'm going to reset the weekly games and change the games page so you can play them three times in a week. I'll release decks too hopefully sometime this weekend/upcoming week too. But for the next few weeks or month I'm not going to be fully here. I just... I'm not up for it. I hope everyone understands. If you don't, well --- there's the door. For the rest of you, thanks for your continual support. You know this isn't really like me. I'm usually a pretty model TCG owner. I just.... I'm just fucked up right now and I'm really close to losing it (the real fucked up thing is, she has no intention of getting help and 'you shouldn't worry about it, because I would never really do it').